COQ and CO is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to spread the works of writer/musician W. COQ, who disappeared at Deddick near Snowy River in 2006, and his cohorts from Cottage Industry Recordings.

Lo-Fi, Shambolist, Shitcore, COQ Rock

Jan 30th 2016:

A busy month at COQ and CO, after a fallow period in which producer Ben W became embroiled in the Breaking Glass saga, ultimately agreeing to aid editor M. Brody in the “imaginative reconstruction” of that fragmented sequel to W. COQ’s Vanishing Points. (See Brody: “COQ/W Collaborate on Breaking Glass”.) Never mind. In the last month a new “can do” spirit has infected the Music branch, extending even to W’s previously near-forgotten Cottage Industry Recordings, which chalks up not one but two simultaneous (re)releases:

Menu, Keith to COQ’s Brian

Aug 20th 2015:

1. Take the label’s strongest songwriter (Ben W didn’t write songs, he accrued them, from loops thrown down in half-sleep; W. COQ spat them out half-chewed for W to doctor) and record him of an afternoon, presuming as you do that you’ll get back to him, that maybe-magical but sonically outmoded demos on cheap-as-shit gear will as if automatically blossom into album-tracks, whether you get him back in the studio or not.

COQ Squared Equals COQ Bros

Feb 4th 2015:

W. COQ was never more himself than as a COQ Brother. With “better half” Sniffy C (AKA the Cheese) he played some of the free-est COQ music ever recorded. Typically, this quality isn’t best represented by their one finished release (CIR09: Rare 2 Medium, 2005, a rare out-of-house production), but the unreleased XXX, COQchafer and ShuttleCOQ (Ben W Clinic, 2005) have it in spades.


Re: “Twin Towers and Tightrope Walkers”

Dec 29th 2014:

“…a concept album about a dimension traveller, part-man part-bird, shot through time via an irreality lacuna centred over Manhattan at the turn of the millenium.”

(M. Brody on W. COQ’s Tightrope Walker,
Twin Towers & Tightrope Walkers, Dec 26th 2014.)


CIR through COQ & CO

Oct 27th 2014:

(From the liner-notes of Discretion Assured, an interview with CIR CEO Ben W by agent M. Brody, conducted at the Ben W Clinic, Toolangi Vic, 2005:)

Alternate Versions

Sept 26th 2014:

Things move slow at COQnCO, where a long-running feud between agent turned editor M. Brody and COQ collaborator Ben W delayed completion of COQworks #1: Vanishing Points for 7-10 drafts from 2007-14. Now Brody reports from England that the final draft is not definitive, and demands existing copies be withheld from sale.


The Other W

Sept 9th 2014:

With all the talk of W. COQ since 2006, little is said of former producer and label-boss CIR CEO Ben W. In truth maybe W likes it that way. Even in CIR’s heyday W shunned the light, preferring to let the oft-maniacal COQ engage the public via a sporadic series of shambolist performances far removed from his own clean minimal aesthetic.


Short of COQ

Sept 1st 2014:

In recent years, statistically, there’s been a shortage of COQ. Through agent and literary executor M. Brody’s COQworks site* and the continued if camouflaged presence of Cottage Industry Recordings a dull imprint of COQ’s passing lives on, but compared to the self-portrait left in songs and stories it’s a shadow, destined to fade still further as COQ’s legend succumbs to night.